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Team Away Days with SCEAP

Discover the power of team building on unforgettable away days with SCEAP and the herd.

What can SCEAP do to help your teams?

Do you want to make your teams stronger and lower staff turnaround? Team Away Days with SCEAP can help your staff to:


Be more efficient, communicate better, and feel valued and listened to

Respect each other's boundaries, build trust, and develop stronger relationships within the team​

Understand the business aims and objectives and be more aware of themselves and their role

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Plan a day with SCEAP and The Herd

Your Team Day Challenge will be bespoke for your team, their needs and of course, your company!

What to expect on your Away Day

  • Connect with outdoors on nature walks around the farm

  • Activities in the stone circle that encourage mindfulness 

  • Meet with the herd in their home environment

  • Connect and bond with horses through grooming

  • Enjoy the unique site and views

  • Complete  group activities with the herd, that are fun to do but have a deeper, more significant meaning behind them

  • Relaxation and meditation in the yurt

  • Affirmations and Sharing time to feedback on the skills and learning that has taken place

  • Hot and cold drinks available throughout the day

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Want to know more?

Want to know more about our amazing Away Days? Or ready to make a booking? Get in touch now.

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