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What is Equine Therapy?

Discover a powerful tool that can help clients who are anxious, depressed, angry or have other emotional problems. 
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How it can help

The therapy ponies provide a means to make an emotional connection between the client and the horse. This allows the therapist to take a non threatening approach to observing behaviours, emotions and challenges.


The client will have a tailored programme which matches their needs and will work with the horses over a period of time, usually around 8 weeks. During this time, they will develop a relationship with the horses and in doing so, begin to trust both the horses and the therapist. This allows them to be open in their self learning. 


They provide instant feedback to the young people in a meaningful connection and help them to make changes, whilst providing a unique bond between the horse and the human. 


All activities are carefully structured, and are a mixture of  active and reflective sessions, and these are always presented in a way that is both creative and fun.

This therapy can often act as a bridge for people to help them move on to talking therapy or counselling.

What you can expect

Equine therapy uses equine activities to help a client explore how they feel about themselves, their situation and their relationships. It can help them to see patterns of behaviour and allows them to find ways to make changes. The activities are non verbal and present opportunities for personal growth, confidence and self esteem. 


A client will be introduced to the natural herd and will reflect on what they have observed in the field. This can also help them to identify, through self- reflection, any issues that come up for them. The horse is highly tuned and will key into the client's emotions, allowing them to feel them, and evaluate the interpretation of them. 


The activities are designed to bring healing through the horses to the client in a non judgemental, safe environment. 

Ready to get started?

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