Equine Therapy....What is it all about?

What can you expect in your session?

We are often asked:

Will we ride the horses?

How can they understand me?

What will we do in the sessions?

Will it help my mental health?

During your session, you will meet the therapy herd and spend time in the field or the barn with them. Your therapist will be with you the whole time. You will build your relationship with the herd and will choose a horse to work with. Depending on how you feel, where your emotions are, and the situation you are facing, you will find one of the therapy horses will be the right one for you to work alongside.

You will not be riding the horses, but working closely with them. They are experts at reading body language and communication. They will understand how you feel without you needing to explain.

You will take part in creative and reflective activities with your horse, and these will be deepening your relationship with that horse. These activities will be about relationships, boundaries, trust and leadership. They will help you bond with your horse, but also have a deeper meaning behind them that will help you manage your emotions and transfer those skills into your life. Your sessions will be an hour long and can help with depression, confidence, mental health issues.

Healing Heart Cafe- Sceap Cares-Sceap have also started a drop in session on a Thursday morning 10:00-12:00 at the farm for anyone struggling with their mental health. This has been developed by the people who had therapy during the lockdown and wanted to develop the support for other people in the local community. The people who have benefitted from the support of the herd, have become founders and volunteers for the new drop in sessions.

Cake, coffee and support are in abundance in these drop in sessions. Please message info@sceap.co.uk if you want to come along. You'll meet the group, enjoy a brew and benefit from the healing support of the beautiful setting and the therapy ponies.

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