SCEAP Cares: Free therapy sessions to support our NHS, essential and key workers in the community.

The Sceap Team are aware that the pandemic has affected people's mental health and well being. As a community project, they wanted to reach out to their community and offer support and help.

They have started free equine therapy sessions for NHS, key and essential workers who live in the community. Our everyday work heroes, who have been in work during the whole of the lockdown. Some have faced life and death situations, distraught families, bereavement, depression and isolation. Shopworkers have had to continue to work when so many people were staying at home. The list of our essential workers extends to Care workers, shop workers, pharmacy staff, teachers, and everyone who has been affected by the situation we are all facing.

Sceap team has been busy during lockdown, working with the therapy ponies and making sure they were cared for, as well as preparing the site for Post COVID19. This means they have sanitising gel, wipes, washing facilities and of course, social distancing is in place. As the therapy takes place outside, the only contact is with the horses.

Being on the farm site also has the bonus of accessing the beautiful therapeutic scenery surrounding the therapy ponies. There are other horses close by, birds and other wildlife going about their days, and the Sceap garden is looking amazing. Being outside in the fresh air has been proven to help lift people's mood and make them feel better. The equine therapy can be a non verbal therapy, where you don't have to explain your circumstances. The horses are very intuitive and pick up immediately on how visitors are feeling. This gives the visitors a chance to learn about themselves and manage their emotions.

Tesco Bags of Help have provided Sceap with some funding to help us to continue to provide some therapy for their staff. Thank you to Tescos. Every little really does help!

For more information on these sessions, contact: or call on 07719509061.

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