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Healing you through horses

Staffordshire and Cheshire Equine Assisted Psychotherapy:
SCEAP help people who are struggling with their self  identity to step into their own leadership, build strong boundaries and relationships in a safe place; so they can heal and identify their own triggers and self regulate.


Counselling and Equine Psychotherapy

SCEAP is a Community Interest Company set up to provide equine assisted therapy to community members who are in need of therapeutic support and may not have the means to access existing services. Private sessions are also available.

Group sessions available for staff, teams and corporate settings. Pricing available through discussion, depending on size of group and time required.


We offer an excellent alternative to traditional room based therapies and exist to reach people who may be marginalised within our communities. 

SCEAP can offer support to young people to help them develop their confidence and self esteem. The experiential therapy is of great benefit to neurodiverse individuals and each programme is individually designed.

Session Types

We offer a range of session types which can assist with: Addiction, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Behavioural Challenges, PTSD and much more. 

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Active reflective and creative exercises. We will tailor a program to suit your needs.

Room Based Therapy

A face to face appointment with the therapist in a private space.

Walk and Talk Therapy

Walking out in the open air with the Therapist. This may feel less anxiety provoking than sitting face to face.

Time with The Herd

Spend time inside or outside the field with our therapeutic herd, with an option to groom or just observe them.

Our Team

The staff at SCEAP are professionally qualified and are fully compliant with local authority requirements to work with both young people and adults.


Maggie holds a Diploma in Equine Facilitated Pyschotherapy and has been practising counselling since 2009. Maggie has over 20 years experience as a teacher, working with children and young adults with additional needs, learning and behavioural differences.


She has also worked with adults since since 2005,in both a teaching and counselling capacity. She manages a small group of counsellors who provide support to homeless clients.


Ann Pallas Bentley

Ann has extensive experience with horses, including running her own riding school, alongside a decade of working with children and young adults with additional needs, learning, and behavioral differences. Ann strives to help others to enjoy the faith and devotion you can get with this interaction, whilst also keeping visitors and the herd safe and secure. 


Her qualifications include:

  • NVQ 4 in preparing to teach

  • NVQ 2 in Custodial care

  • YJB JASPS 1 and 2 in Juvenille Awareness Programme

  • Hays Safeguarding and Child Protection Program

Iain and James bonding.jpg


Iain has a 20 year background in Law enforcement. Prior to this he worked in the private sector as a manufacturing jeweller.  Iain holds a Certificate in Counselling, and although he is still working full time, he helps out doing interim counselling and  maintenance around the site. Iain has a particular interest in people suffering with PTSD.


Iain has completed numerous training courses in Safeguarding, public protection, and interviewing, and  continues to gain knowledge and continued professional development toward further counselling qualifications.


Sally Clarke

Sally is a Higher Teaching Assistant at a local primary school with over 25 years experience of working with children. She also helped run Forest School sessions and manages some of the other outdoor activities. She understands the benefits of being outside and connecting with Nature.

Sally has her own horse who she takes care of. She has a passion for learning and helping and supporting others through experiential activities. Sceap are lucky to have her on their team, she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience.


0R3A5351 goats.jpg

“I got to witness this beautiful horse snoozing in front of me and it was the most beautiful thing I have ever had to witness The trust and vulnerability she showed me was unreal. And the welcoming from Gordancer was lovely too. Thank you so much for today, can’t wait for the next session ”

- Julie*

*Client names changed for privacy

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